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The Top Packing tips for beginners

When it comes to packing, you’re better off not adding too much. Packing for RV trips should be treated the same way as packing for hiking, camping, and other means. 

You obviously need the gear, clothing, stuff to cook, and any bathroom essentials. But how do you organize it. 

Well, the first rule of thumb is to pack as light as you can, but we’ll also here, tell you a bit more about the top packing tips for beginners. 

Make Lists Based off your Activities 

Minimally, make a list of everything you’re doing, so minimally you have the ear for ever single activity. 

Make sure that there are daily routines and packing essentials too, since in a lot of cases when those are missing it can impact the trip itself. 

Safeguard with Dyrt Pro 

Dyrt pro is a way for you to get all of the camping information, photos, and so much more for online and offline use, so that you can be properly prepared. 

Brin Entertainment 

While you will be out exploring every now and then, you want to make sure that you have some entertainment, including movies and games for those slower moments. This is essential especially if you’re bringing the whole family. 

Meal plan 

When you are going camping, you should try to pack enough for the trip.  Obviously, don’t overpack, but don’t pack so little that you’re hitting up the grocery stores all the time, since that does add up. 

Bring basics 

When you’re packing, you should bring basic tools for the job. But make sure that you don’t overpack anything. 

Don’t try to bring you entire tool shelf, but if you need small tools take those and leave the bulky stuff behind if possible. 

Dump the Tanks both often and early 

Water tanks do fill up over time. You should obviously take a few things here and there, but don’t fill up the tanks all the way or bring the black water tank full anywhere. It also can be dangerous, because unless you’re dry camping, you will want to attach this to the water supply.  It’s good to also empty out the black and grey tanks a lot and often, especially since it does get smelly 

Pack Lightly and Evenly 

When you’re traveling, you want to pack like this, especially since you don’t want to be over here bringing the entire home with you. 

The same for RV packing, since you want to make sure that when you pack, you put one heavy item on one side, and another heavy item of equal size on the other side. 

To pack one side with too much is dangerous, since it causes uneven weight for your RV. 

With that said, you should pack, and make sure that your RV is good by going to the weighing station. They can help you figure out if the RV is over the weight limit, and anything that you can do to fix this as well. 

Don’t be afraid to use packing boxes and the like too, since they ca be pretty easy to use, and offer a lot of good benefits. 

Leave the Fragile items at home 

Finally, while packing boxes are good, if you have reachable items, you should leave these at home. That way, they don’t spill or get broken in the process. 

If you haven’t bought the items yet to make sure you’re getting the best packing experience possible, then definitely do that. 

Remember, packing an RV is important to do, and by improperly packing, it can affect how heavy it is in there.