Tips for Cannabis Packaging and Branding

Cannabis is a growing industry, with the sales growing a lot, especially by 2025 and later. 

The right packaging does make a difference with this, since it is the first thing customers will see, and cannabis packaging definitely is different since it also must be child-resistant in terms of containers. 

Finding the right types of packaging can be hard, especially when being innovative, but we’ll go over what you can do, and here we’ll highlight the best cannabis trends out there. 

Look at the Design and Compliance 

Companies that are doing this minimally need to make sure that it’s legally complying, which does vary per each state. 

When you settle on how you want it to look, make sure that you check your regulations before you produce it, so that it meets the full requirements. 

While creative is good, the regulations are more important especially for beginning brands. 

Make Child-Resistant Packaging 

Make sure that the packaging is child-resistant especially with legal THC products, since this can keep them away from ingesting this to bad levels. 

You want to make sure that they’re bottles, caps, and jars that children can’t open.  You should make sure that if you are giving any THC, marijuana, and CBD products, you do just this. 

Create Eco-Friendly Packaging 

A lot of companies, especially cannabis companies, are concerned about the environment, so you want the packaging to match all of this. 

Cannabis is natural, so the packaging should look natural. Try to use paper products and help sacks as well. 

Bottles that are glass in a green, amber, or blue color are good so that the UV rays don’t’ get in either, to keep the product as fresh as it can be. 

Create a Design that’s Sophisticated 

The design and the branding of this does focus on the customer that knows and understands the product. 

Brighter colors with cleaner edges and a minimalist packaging design are a must. 

You may want to use psychedelic imagery and more contemporary types of graphics. Using logos which are high-quality also help make you look better, more stylish too. 

Some of the design trends include: 

  • Sleek packaging and clean shapes 
  • Stamped gold and foil that’s silver too 
  • Frosted glass 
  • Embossing 
  • A brand that targets professionals 

This is more sleek and sophisticated, and also can be used to help distinguish both recreational and medicinal products 

Create a good brand image 

A good brand image will help with consistency since customers will know they can rely on you. 

This will help you stand out, and it will prevent anyone from stealing your brand, making a poor imitation in the process, which isn’t good for anyone. 

Remember, this is also a very competitive market, with many places breaking records in terms of sale, and there have now been more people than ever before getting cannabis products than even the previous year or the year before. 

So yes, you have to be creative with this, and make sure that you continue to evolve and innovate the industry in every means possible. 

Giving the right packaging isn’t just good as a temporary measure, simply because it helps you stand out, but also is really good if you’re looking to offer incentives to people, and to get people excited for cannabis packages and packaging. That way, you’ll be able to truly enjoy everything that you bring to the table, and get more people buying your cannabis product than ever before, which is really great for many, and definitely an option for a lot out there too. 

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